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umedo is a service for adult victimes of physical and/or sexual violence who do not (for the time being) wish to involve the police and/or press charges. The purpose of the service is to document visible injuries and secure biological traces in such a manner that evidence will be available for any legal proceedings in the future.

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5 years of umedo

Discover our series of interviews conducted as part of the press conference celebrating the 5th anniversary of the service, which was established in 2018.


PD Dr Thorsten Schwark is Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine at LNS.

Dr Martine Schaul is a forensic pathologist and responsible for the umedo service at LNS.

Ana Pinto is president of the victim’s aid organisation “La voix des survivant(e)s”, which brings together victims of sexual, gender-based, physical and psychological violence.
The association works to lift the taboo around these different forms of violence.

David Lentz has been a Deputy Public Prosecutor in Luxembourg County since 2016.

Pol Wio worked in hospital emergency rooms until he retired.
In around 35 years, he has learned to recognise physical violence – and what is important when dealing directly with victims.