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Physicians and doctors’ surgeries are now able to receive test results from the Laboratoire national de santé (LNS) securely online.

Regify’s secure eBox, regibox, is now used by the eSanté agency to allow medical personnel to quickly and easily access the results of laboratory tests.
As well as allowing information to be efficiently stored and centralised, this technology, which is free for healthcare providers, is a very promising sustainable alternative to results being sent by post.

In addition to the secure exchange of data ensured by regibox, each report includes the LuxTrust e-Seal in order to guarantee the origin and integrity of the information provided. However, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), physicians have ultimate responsibility for the processing of all information sent to them by the LNS.

  • How do I create my regify account?

    1. Go to
    2. Click on ‘Sign up now’.
    3. Fill out the required fields and click on ‘Register’.

    Doctors’ surgeries

    If you work at a doctor’s surgery and share your email address with other physicians, you may use it to create a single regify account. Each physician will then be able to set up their own regibox with the various laboratories they work with.

  • How do I activate my regify account?

    Once you have signed up at, you will receive an activation email from regify.

    1. Click on the link in the email to activate your account.
    2. Your login details will be sent to you.

    Make a note of your email address and password and keep them in a safe place.

  • How and where can I download regibox?

    Regibox is available for Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS and Android.

    1. Go to
    2. Click on ‘Downloads’.
    3. If you have Windows, click on ‘Download regibox manager for Windows’. If you have another operating system, click on ‘Other downloads’, just below it.
  • How do I connect to regibox?

    In order to connect to regibox, have your regify login details to hand.

    1. Open regibox.
    2. Enter the login details you were sent when you created your regify account.
    3. Click on ‘Login’.
    4. The regibox manager screen will open. You may close it by clicking on the cross.
  • How can I set up a regibox with the LNS?

    Fill in the regibox laboratory results exchange form and send it to

    1. As soon as you are sent your next test results, you will receive a regibox invitation email from the LNS with the subject ‘regibox invitation for…’.
    2. Open the file attached to the email (regibox_xxxx.rgbx) using regibox.
    3. The regibox invitation screen will open. Click on ‘Accept’.

    Your regibox will be ready to use.

    You may stop receiving test results from the LNS via regibox at any time by filling out the data exchange cancellation form.

  • How do I access test reports from the LNS?

    You may access your test reports from the LNS using your file explorer.

    Reports are provided in PDF format. Each report is accompanied by an XML metadata file, allowing you to automatically integrate your reports from the LNS with your patient software.

    Some types of patient software are already compatible and allow automatic integration of LNS reports. Please don’t hesitate to contact your software provider to ask them about compatibility.

  • What is the LuxTrust seal?

    The ‘LuxTrust Data Integrity Guarantee’ seal, which is included on each document shared via regibox, provides a legal guarantee that the electronic data exchanged has been signed by a specific individual, at a specific time, and that the document has not been altered in any way.

    In order to see this information, click on the ‘LuxTrust Data Integrity Guarantee’ seal on your test report. A window will open, showing you whether the signature has been validated. For more detailed information, please click on ‘Signature properties’.

  • Who can I contact if I run into any problems?

    If you have any issues when using regibox, please get in touch with the help desk of the eSanté agency from 08.00 to 17.00.

    Email :
    Tel : +352 27 12 50 18 33
    Site :

    To request help or support from the LNS, please send an email to

  • How can I cancel the exchange of laboratory results via regibox?

    You can cancel the exchange of laboratory results via regibox at any time by downloading the data exchange cancellation form, filling it in and returning it duly signed by fax to +352 28 100 282 or preferably by e-mail to