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Department of microbiology

The department of microbiology offers reference laboratory activities in partnership with various other public and private laboratories in the country. At the same time, it works closely together with the Ministry of Health and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) on epidemiological matters, as well as the National Service for Infectious Diseases as far as diagnostics is concerned.

A service of clinical, epidemiological and public health relevance

From a clinical point of view, the activities of the bacteriology, mycology, antibiotic resistance and hospital hygiene service encompass microbiological analysis of mycobacteria, mycology, sexually transmitted infections, pulmonary samples and specialised analyses of certain samples. From an epidemiological and public health point of view, its activities include monitoring gastro-enteric pathogens, phenotypic and molecular characterisation of certain pathogens of interest (such as MRSA) and detecting Legionella in the public water supply.

A service for diagnosing and monitoring infectious diseases of viral origin

The virology and serology service is devoted to the diagnosis and epidemiological monitoring of infectious viral diseases by serological techniques, cell culture and molecular biology.

A service for monitoring and tracking microbial pathogens

The epidemiology and microbial genomics service focusses on epidemiological and genomic monitoring of microbial pathogens of public health interest, including food-borne and vaccine-preventable bugs. Tracking these two types of pathogens is of crucial relevance because it will enable health authorities to respond rapidly when outbreaks of such epidemics occur.

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