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Naso/oropharyngeal swab and antigenic test training

In view of the emergence of COVID-19 and its rapid spread, the LNS is the first laboratory in the country to offer a certified training course on how to collect the nasal/oropharyngeal swabs used to perform PCR tests, as well as on how to perform nasal and buccal antigenic tests.

This training was initially given to the LNS sampling teams and was gradually extended to other professional categories. Its effectiveness was recognized by the Ministry of Education, Childhood and Youth and validated by the Ministry of Health.

From now on, this course is offered to all interested persons wishing to improve their skills or to learn notions of anatomy and practices related to these tests. Depending on your initial training and your curriculum, you may receive training for two different types of tests concerning four different sampling areas:

  • The nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal area used for PCR testing (caregivers)
  • The nasal and oral or buccal area used for rapid antigen testing (general public). Successful trainees will receive an LNS certificate.
  • Those with a degree in healthcare, can be train to perform all types of tests. Successful trainees will receive a training certificate certified by the Ministry of Health.
  • For those without such qualifications, we only offer training for the oral and nasal sampling areas.

Content of the training

After having received theoretical training providing notions of ENT anatomy and physiology, the sampling procedure itself is taught under the supervision of a qualified and experienced health professionals.

In order to master the different steps and to guarantee quality results, the act of sampling will be broken down into several themes and then put into practice by the trainee:

  • The importance of following the rules for identity verification, confidentiality, hygiene and waste disposal is first emphasized
  • A demonstration of the sampling equipment and the necessary personal protective equipment then follows
  • The basic knowledge thus acquired will allow trainees to perform a live test

The relaxed atmosphere and the knowledge of those being trained are two facilitating factors in acquiring these new skills. Participants who successfully complete this test will receive a training certificate. Thus training for the general public does not give the right to certify.


For individuals, the course is free of charge. For professional service providers, a course for up to ten employees is offered at a rate of €1,000,- plus VAT.

Interested persons can fill out the following form.  We will contact you as soon as possible.