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Evelin Schröck – The LNS – a team where every single fighter counts

Evelin Schröck – The LNS – a team where every single fighter counts
2020 05-27

The entire LNS team currently operates under the name “Covid-19 Fighters”. Whose idea was this?

The idea for this name came from Friedrich Mühlschlegel, our director. As an experienced microbiologist, he strategically and cleverly set up a Covid-19 crisis team at the LNS at the beginning of March. Very quickly, we all realised that something bigger was about to happen to the country and its people. In addition, we at the LNS are of course on the front line when it comes to public health. That’s how this branding came about, which inspired us all and has since achieved a certain level of recognition in Luxembourg.

What do you think the name Covid-19 Fighter expresses?

First of all, the word “fighter” is a deliberate choice. This is a fight that we as people and experts can only win together. This applies to the world, to Europe, to Luxembourg – and to the LNS. Only if we overcome borders of all kinds and bundle competences together will we be able to orient our lives and our community in such a way that we can get a permanent grip on this viral disease. This is the essential, the serious part of our mission as Covid-19 Fighters; this is where we are in demand as health professionals with complementary expertise.

Nevertheless, despite the gravity of the situation, we are not at war. That’s why it was also our goal to add a lighter tone to this Covid-19 Fighter branding. Covid-19 Fighter is therefore also a programme that, for example, invites our team to exchange ideas and to remain human even in a such a crisis – despite the many challenges and despite the physical distance we currently have between all of us.

Who are the Covid-19 Fighters and what does their daily fight look like?

The Covid-19 Fighters, that’s the current name for our entire team, so to speak, and I’m really talking about everyone, inside and outside the LNS. Our financial experts acted very quickly, because without our suppliers we wouldn’t be able to carry out any tests. The cleaning team is also very important in a laboratory like the LNS, as is our driving service. Everyone counts, including external partners, be it the local pizza delivery service, the advertising agency that developed the Covid-19 Fighter concept – and all the others who play a supporting role. All of them contribute to us learning more and more about how to control the pandemic. It’s really great to get to experience this level of cohesion. At the LNS, all departments are working together, with extremely creative actions. This support is also there for those colleagues who are currently particularly in demand, whether for testing or as advisors to the authorities or as researchers.

Pr Dr Evelin Schröck is the president of the LNS board of directors.