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Management supports

Legal affairs, communication, « quality, safety/environment and hygiene, metrology », scientific advisor and project reporting are five support units directly attached to management.

Legal affairs

to assist change through advice and coaching

Isabelle Vaillant

Géraldine Bolet
Junior lawyer

The LNS has an in-house legal assistance whose role is to assist each of the departments and units in their efforts vis-à-vis the outside and to provide them with the necessary legal framework. At the level of human resources management, legal assistance provides support in all service activities vis-à-vis LNS staff. The lawyer is also at the disposal of the Board of Directors, the management as well as the heads of department and provides assistance in the framework of projects that the latter wish to put in place.


to provide a better external and internal communication

Virginie Delle Lechevalier
Communication assistant

The objective of the communication unit is to further improve the visibility of the LNS and to promote honest and open communication both internally and externally. In addition, the team set up ensures that journalists are provided with effective support for their information mission. Similarly, the communication unit assists in the production of documents of all kinds (activity report, leaflets …), as well as in the organization of internal or external LNS events (conferences, workshops…).

Quality and metrology

to ensure a quality service

Babak Ahani
Quality coordinator

Magalie Brier
Metrology coordinator


Created in August of 2016 to replace the quality assurance office, the QSEM service is committed to optimally identifying the needs of clients of the LNS. As a support service for all parts of the institute, it defines, manages and optimises policies in relation to its four areas of activity. It acts as an effective internal consultant for Laboratory staff. It also sets up training programs for various fields of activity at the LNS and directly supports the departments and services involved in accreditation and certification projects, in conformity with current standards and regulations.

Scientific Advisor

to assist in the development of research activities


The Scientific Advisor/Project Coordinator provides support to departments and services by facilitating the emergence and consolidation of research projects within and between departments, but also with external national and international partners. The scientific advisor ensures that the projects carried out are compatible with the strategic plan and values of the LNS. He/she accompanies the drafting and submission of projects to the relevant bodies, such as ethics committees and funding agencies. It monitors scientific developments and opportunities, and prepares and provides information, procedures and tools to facilitate the work of LNS scientists in the preparation and management of their research projects. In collaboration with the communication unit, it ensures internal and external scientific communication activities.

Project reporting

to ensure the implementation of the strategic plan 2019-2022

Marc Schummer

The reporting unit is in charge of the gradual implementation of the LNS strategic plan 2019-2022. The various strategic improvement initiatives were thus able to be structured and broken down into operational objectives to be set up in the field in a timely manner under the supervision of designated persons and monitored by measurement indicators.

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