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First medical teaching session at LNS

First medical teaching session at LNS
2021 12-01

On Friday, 15th October, the LNS officially hosted the students of the recently established Bachelor of Medicine (BMED) from the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine at University of Luxembourg. During three afternoon sessions, the second year medical students of the program will be familiarized with our work.

The LNS team, comprising experts from the Department of Microbiology and the National Centers of Genetics and Pathology, introduced the students to various techniques, short case studies and scientific approaches. With this, the students will get insights on what the key missions of the LNS are, the techniques that are applied in the diagnostic procedures, and how the workflow and communication around patient samples and clinical information can be structured best.

Introduction to an evolving laboratory medicine

Laboratory medicine has significantly evolved over the last decades, as patient management has been guided by laboratory analyses. As a result, laboratory specialists have been integrated in the direct clinical care of patients. They have been involved in multi-disciplinary meetings and organ-specific or molecular interdisciplinary rounds, as well as in clinical work such as genetic counseling and antimicrobial stewardship.

The students were able to follow their theory course with a technical course at the LNS, the first activity saw them being provided with an overview on the diagnostic workflows of samples, that are taken for laboratory analyses using case scenario approach.