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International reference book: Radiologie der Gewalt

International reference book: Radiologie der Gewalt
2021 08-17

An international reference book has just been published by Thieme on “Radiology of Violence” ( in which two of the LNS Forensic Medicine Department experts have contributed with three chapters. The 500-page long book will certainly become a must-have in the library of all forensic scientists.

Thorsten Schwark has contributed a chapter on domestic violence, and a chapter on strangulation, including checklists and extensive explanations on forensic findings by computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. Martine Schaul for her part has contributed a chapter on traffic accidents, including pedestrian, motorcycle and car accidents, practical tips for performing imaging and a detailed review on possible types and causes of death.

The above is a recognition of the expertise of our colleagues and the LNS Forensic Medicine Department. Indeed, over the last years, state of the art forensic science is based, not only on autopsies and 2D X-ray performed at LNS, but also on post mortem high performance computed tomography scanning. The latter 3D imaging has been implemented in collaboration with the CHL and allows forensic scientists to complement the evidence and reach precise conclusions on forensic cases linked to foreign objects, such as bullets and their trajectories, to gaz of fluid accumulation in the body, or to traffic accidents where musculoskeletal data can inform on the exact way a pedestrian has been hit by a car.

Congratulations to Thorsten Schwark and Martine Schaul on this achievement!