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National Center of Genetics

The National Center of Genetics (NCG) of the LNS is committed to provide genetic counselling and diagnosis of genetic diseases and to carry out molecular and genetic analysis of cancers.

The National Center of Genetics consists of 3 services:

The National Center of Genetics (NCG) holds a comprehensive purpose. Its primary mission, as the exclusive provider of genetic services in Luxembourg, is to make the full spectrum of medical genetic services accessible to all individuals living or working in Luxembourg. Beyond this central diagnostic role, the NCG also contributes to the fields of teaching and research. Since its establishment in 2017, the NCG has experienced significant and rapid growth to fulfill these ambitious goals.

The genetic diagnostic laboratories command the skills and tools needed to diagnose the most common genetic diseases. The investigation methods rely on cytogenetic techniques (karyotyping, FISH, aCGH) and molecular biology. Diseases investigated therefore involve chromosomal abnormalities (trisomies, deletions, duplications and the like), monogenic diseases (cystic fibrosis, haemoglobin disorders and the like) and genetic predisposition to cancers (breast and ovarian cancer, Lynch Syndrome and the like).

This diagnostic activity also includes NIPT and prenatal diagnosis.

There are thousands of genetic diseases, some of which are very rare. To allow access to diagnosis to a maximum of patients, the department of genetics collaborates with accredited foreign laboratories and send them samples together with pertinent clinical information.

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