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Department of administration, finance and support services

The administrative department plays a cross-functional role at the LNS. This multi-functionality comes particularly to the fore in managing information and personnel. Administrative activities offer support for all operational departments of the institute.

The department is made up of the following four services:

  • Human resources
  • Finances
  • Infrastructure & logistics
  • Information technology

The human resources service

This service includes activities surrounding the planning and management of the reception as well as all tasks and formalities relevant to payroll and registration of the staff. In addition, it establishes training plans and qualitative validation of training. Finally, it supports the entire personnel recruitment process to ensure that the LNS has the best employees available to serve patients.

The finance service

This service includes billing, accounting, central purchasing for all operational departments and controlling. In addition the bookkeeping, the unit prepares various accounting documents required by management, such as annual financial statements audited by an external auditor appointed by the Board of Directors. It is also in charge of relations with banks and authorities. Controlling establishes the costs of operations by using several analytical axes to help the department managers in their decision making process, with a view toward effectiveness of activities and monitoring costs.


The infrastructure and logistics service

The infrastructure and logistics service is responsible for maintaining a high level of performance for infrastructure and the equipment. It also performs any repairs that are necessary. It is also in charge of organising conference rooms for events. In the area of logistics, it ensures the proper delivery of samples between clients and the Laboratory as well as within the Laboratory. It also manages the vehicle fleet of the LNS. In addition, it also sees to the proper functioning of the central warehouse and the supervision of cleaning crews, while carefully observing hygiene regulations in effect.

The IT service

In addition to the set-up and and administration of IT systems and networks for the activities of the LNS, while ensuring at the same time the required level of security, the IT service is responsible to develop tools to support the professional activities of the institute as well as the integration of external tools and training in their use. It is also responsible to coordination the Internet network and the services with the Centre Tecnique et Informatique de l’État (CTIE). It furthermore ensures the secure electronic transmissions between the LNS and other health professionals. Finally yet importantly, it serves as a help desk, ensuring support to users of the Laboratory and to external clients under service contracts with the LNS.

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