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Governance bodies

The LNS is a public institution, managed by a board of directors. The management of the Laboratory is entrusted to a director assisted by the executive committee and a scientific advisory board.

Welcome to the LNS

The LNS’s multidisciplinary emphasizes excellence, quality and professionalism at all levels so that it can fully assume its role as national reference laboratory serving the population as defined by law. The LNS provides scientific diagnostics and expertise, carrys out analytical tests, functions as a reference laboratory, analyzes health hazards, provides genetic counseling, supports local authorities and engages in education and research. The passionate, highly qualified and multidisciplinary team that makes up the staff of the laboratory places the patient and his health at the center of all his priorities. It is by innovating that we carry out our public health mission.



Prof. Dr Friedrich Mühlschlegel, Director of the LNS

LNS – Great work from great people

Board of directors

The board of directors is the managing body of the LNS. It defines the general policy, organization and functioning of the laboratory in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and conventions.

President: Prof. Dr Simone P. Niclou

Effective membres:

Delegates from the Ministry of Health

  • Prof. Dr Simone P. Niclou, president
  • Dr Jean-Claude Schmit, vice-president
  • PharmD Cynthia Oxacelay
  • M. Xavier Poos
  • Dr Marc Schlesser
  • Mme Lucienne Thommes

Delegates from the Ministry of Justice

  • M. Luc Reding
  • M. Georges Oswald, expert with an advisory voice

Delegate of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research

  • Mme Josiane Entringer

Delegate of the Ministry of Economy

  • Dr Françoise Liners

Delegate of the Ministry of Finance

  • M. Serge Hoffmann

LNS staff representative

  • M. Frank Maas

From left to right: M. Xavier Poos, Mme Josiane Entringer, M. Serge Hoffmann, Dr Françoise Liners, M. Frank Maas, Prof. Simone P. Niclou, M. Georges Oswald, Dr Lucienne Thommes, Dr Marc Schlesser, PharmD Cynthia Oxacelay and M. Luc Reding. Dr Jean-Claude Schmit is missing on this picture.


Executive committee

The executive committee, composed of the heads of the departments, the heads of the diagnostic centers and the director, meets at regular intervals to coordinate the activity of the institution.


From left to right: M. Thomas Lentz, Dr Andreas Schuff, Dr Barbara Klink, Prof. Dr Friedrich Mühlschlegel, Prof. Dr Michel Mittelbronn, PharmD PhD Patricia Borde, Prof. Dr An van Nieuwenhuyse and Joël Mossong, PhD.

Scientific advisory board

The scientific advisory board, composed of five members chosen from among national and foreign scientists, is responsible for contributing to the scientific agenda of the institution, expresses its opinion on the strategic plan and comments on general guidelines for the activities of the laboratory. The scientific advisory board gives its opinion on all matters falling within the area of competence of the institution.