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Clinical Genetics

Genetic counselling aims to provide information to patients and their families about their genetic disease: its nature, mode of transmission, risk for other family members, genetic testing to establish or confirm the diagnosis.

Patients receive oral and written information (medical reports and/or specific information) about the disease. These consultations cover constitutional genetic disorders (disability, intellectual disability, cystic fibrosis and the like), preconception and prenatal genetic counselling, predictive genetic counselling (diagnosis of a genetic disease before its symptoms appear) and genetic predispositions to cancers.

The Clinical Genetics Service provides genetic consultations and works closely with all hospitals, private practitioners, and other healthcare providers, including ALAN. This close collaboration aims to manage patients with genetic disorders effectively. Additionally, our clinical geneticists contribute their expertise to various interdisciplinary case meetings, fostering a strong clinical collaboration between the NCG and the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL).