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Exhibition “Expression of Hope” at the LNS

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Exhibition “Expression of Hope” at the LNS
2019 01-08

The LNS is pleased to welcome the exhibition “Expression of Hope”, dedicated to rare diseases, in its premises.

In 2006, Genzyme launched the Expression of Hope program to give those impacted by lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs) the opportunity to raise awareness of these rare genetic diseases. Patient organizations from around the world encouraged their members to submit artwork that shares their feelings of hope and explores the realities, perceptions, and experiences of living with an LSD. More than 100 patients and caregivers expressed their unique stories through their original pieces of artwork.

Building on that initial success, Genzyme launched the second Expression of Hope program in 2009. Once again the global community responded with enthusiasm, creativity and insight. Included in the 2006 and 2009 Expression of Hope campaigns are works done in collaboration between patients and artists from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. The third Expression of Hope program, initiated in 2014, further reinforced the commitment of individuals affected by lysosomal storage disorders to building awareness and expressing their unique stories through art.

The exhibition on display includes the 25 works selected for the 3rd edition of “Expression of Hope” and can be visited until February 3 in the LNS entrance hall.