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Department of health protection

The Department Health Protection supports public health and health care for problems caused or aggravated by the environment, including indoor pollution, the working context, consumer products, food and food contact materials. We fulfill this mission through servicing, expert advice and applied research. Our main stakeholders are the ministries, the hospitals and the services for occupational medicine in Luxembourg.

The Department Health Protection hosts three Services:


  • The Service “Environmental Hygiene and Human Biological Monitoring” carries out chemical laboratory analyses in dust and air samples (ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation) and microbiological analyses in dust, air and surface samples for indoor pollution and occupational hygiene. In parallel, the Service analyses the substances’ concentrations directly in the human medical samples (blood, urine, hair…); known as “human biomonitoring”.


  • The Service “Food monitoring” carries out chemical and microbiological laboratory analyses in human food, food contact materials and feed. The Service also provides scientific expertise in these domains. It is one of the laboratories ensuring citizen’s health protection with regard to the human food chain in Luxembourg and takes care of multiple analyses in the domain for Saarland.


  • The Service “Medical Expertise and Data Intelligence” hosts the medical, epidemiological and toxicological expertise in environmental and occupational health/medicine. The Service supports the National Service for Environmental Medicine at the Hospital Center Emile Mayrisch (CHEM) and is in charge of the European science-policy programs and the epidemiological surveys in the general and working population in Luxembourg that include human biological monitoring and/or environmental/occupational exposure assessment.


A departmental administrative team and a departmental quality coordination team support the Services and the department head.

[Please note that this page is still under construction – the complete list of team members will be added at a later stage].

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