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Visit of a delegation of Japanese scientists

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Visit of a delegation of Japanese scientists
2018 09-27

Last Wednesday the LNS welcomed a delegation of scientists from the Japanese RIKEN center for Integrative Medical Sciences in Yokohama. Following a brief introduction by the Director Prof. Dr. Friedrich Mühlschlegel, Prof. Dr. Michel Mittelbronn, head of the department of morphological & molecular pathology, presented an overview how epigenetic classification of tumors can be implemented as a powerful diagnostic tool in pathology. After that Dr. Barbara Klink, head of department of genetics and Prof. Mittelbronn invited the delegation for a guided tour of the two departments.

RIKEN is the largest research institution in Japan, renowned for the quality of its research in a wide range of scientific disciplines. Founded in 1917, initially as a private research foundation in Tokyo, RIKEN has grown rapidly in size and scope, now encompassing a network of world-class research centers and institutes across the country. The Japanese researchers were in Luxembourg as part of a joint symposium to consolidate links with the LCSB, in collaboration with the LIH, IBBL and the LNS.

It is always a pleasure to welcome and meet fellow international colleagues and share knowledge!