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Article in Luxemburger Wort “Luxemburg und sein „sauberes“ Kokain”

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Article in Luxemburger Wort “Luxemburg und sein „sauberes“ Kokain”
2024 03-29

Dr Serge Schneider, head of the analytical chemistry service at LNS, talks to Luxemburger Wort about the drugs currently in circulation in Luxembourg and their quality.

Indeed, one of the missions of his service is the identification and dosing of narcotics seized by the police and customs.

Here are some key information given by Dr Serge Schneider in the context of this article:
– >1,700 samples have been submitted to LNS by police and customs for analysis since the beginning of the year (1,400 at the time of writing);
– LNS analyses 60-75% of the nearly 6,000 drug samples seized each year;
– The purity of cannabis flowers on the Luxembourg market is relatively stable (11-16%);
– The quality of cocaine has increased overall;
– The purity of heroin seized on the street is around 14%;
– In recent years, no traces of fentanyl or its derivatives have been detected by LNS.

The full article in Luxemburger Wort is available here for subscribers:
German (original version)
English (translation)

We also invite you to read Virgule’s article in French (freely-available) which takes up some points made in the Luxemburger Wort article about the analyses carried out at the LNS and their results. French