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Creating team spirit in times of crisis: LNS employees become “Covid-19-Fighters”.

Creating team spirit in times of crisis:  LNS employees become “Covid-19-Fighters”.
2020 03-31

Regular contact and a sticker with cult-status potential ensure cohesion

“Covid-19-Fighter”: it is under this “code name” that the Laboratoire national de santé (LNS), the National Health Laboratory, team will be going through this extraordinary period. Emphasis is being put on an emergency plan adapted to the current situation, on professional and human interactions despite the physical distance, and on a sticker that gives the Covid-19-Fighter unit a clear visual identity.

It all started during the work sessions of the LNS crisis unit. When the LNS prepared for the conversion of the laboratory’s processes and procedures to crisis mode in early March, the main question – how to protect visitors and LNS employees from becoming infected with the virus while maintaining the quality of laboratory’s work – was accompanied by an urge to preserve a sustainable team spirit in this exceptional situation. As a result, the crisis plan is now in effect, and, as a side-effect, the staff of the Dudelange-based laboratory has become a team of Covid-19-fighters.

A balance between professional excellence and a human touch

LNS Director Friedrich Mühlschlegel came up with the idea for the name and thinks of it as a programme in its own right, for several reasons: “Every LNS employee is, on the one hand, an active part of the Luxembourg health system and, on the other hand, a human being. We wanted to bring these two aspects together under a common denominator with the name “Covid-19-Fighter”. It also reflects our common professional excellence, as well as a certain lightness of tone, which should not be forgotten, especially in difficult times.”

This balance is clearly visible on the corresponding sticker, which was developed by a Capellen-based communication agency. The sticker has quickly become something of a cult object among the 310 LNS employees and now adorns, among other places, the LinkedIn profile of the laboratory, the entrance doors of the LNS as well as the LNS’ delivery vans. In times of crisis, the “Covid-19-fighters” designation creates an identity in the best sense of the word, because it is done consciously – and this goes far beyond the rather original name and its no less original visual interpretation.

Regular exchanges to avoid social distancing

“The term “Covid-19-Fighter” has very quickly become the embodiment of the cohesion of our team.”, says Friedrich Mühlschlegel. “As a unit with a common mission, we are faced with the special professional challenges of these weeks, which require us to concentrate our excellence. And as individuals, we regularly exchange ideas, be it over a joint videoconference lunch or during a short telephone conversation. This is particularly important today, as many employees are currently working from home. With the “Covid-19-Fighter” initiative, we are also combating the risk of social distancing.”