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LNS participation in Chercheurs à l’école initiative

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LNS participation in Chercheurs à l’école initiative
2022 03-22

As part of the Chercheurs à l’école initiative organised by the National Research Fund (FNR), Prof Friedrich Mühlschlegel, Director of the LNS, visited the European School II in Mamer on Friday 18 March to meet the next generation of researchers.

Together with Emmanuel Defay from the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), Prof Friedrich Mühlschlegel met the students of the S7 class of the French section of Mrs Emilie Villant for a presentation focused on physics and chemistry.

Many topics were discussed such as the interactions between chemistry and the genetic identification service of the LNS, the numerous interactions between chemistry, physics and pathology, and notably the physical resolution of our electron microscope. Prof. Friedrich Mühlschlegel closed his speech with a Q&A session on COVID-19, a topical subject that aroused the interest of the young audience.

“I would like to thank the FNR for giving us the opportunity to interact with young people.  It was a real pleasure to exchange and present our career path and our life as researchers with a real educational objective: to encourage and stimulate passion for science,” underlines Prof. Friedrich Mühlschlegel, continuing, “I hope to have convinced some of them to embrace a career as a researcher and perhaps even to meet them in a professional context in several years.”