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Quality label SuperDreckskëscht fir Betrieber for LNS

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Quality label SuperDreckskëscht fir Betrieber for LNS
2020 07-03

And five! It is indeed the 5th year in a row that LNS is awarded the “SuperDrecksKëscht fir Betrieber” quality label! The LNS staff has once again joined forces to preserve the environment and manage our waste in an optimal way.

Through its various activities, the LNS produces a multitude of waste that must be identified and sorted properly in an environmentally friendly manner. Thanks to its ecological waste management plan, the laboratory has confirmed its excellence in this area!

Short reminder: The SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber is a joint action of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure in cooperation with the communes, the Chamber des Métiers and the Chamber de Commerce in the context of national waste management. The label is a quality mark for the laboratory and is issued for the ecological management of waste. It is granted to companies and private and public institutions that apply the SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber concept and thus actively contribute to protecting the environment through modern waste management. It should also be noted that the label is certified ISO 14024, which is an environmental quality standard.

The LNS will continue on this good path for prevention and recovery of waste while respecting nature!