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2019 03-25

Once again, our motivated LNS team participants experienced 25 hours of thrills and unforgettable moments during the Relais pour la Vie which took place this weekend in Luxembourg City. 13,000 people, divided among 375 teams, took turns on the track of the Coque during this 14th edition of the solidarity demonstration through which the Fondation Cancer, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year (hence the duration of 25 hours), wishes to (re)give courage to cancer patients and show them that they are not alone in this long fight against the disease.

Lucienne Thommes, Director of the Fondation Cancer : “Last year, we focused on prevention. This year, we have decided to highlight research with the “Cancer Research Lab” space showing with real researchers the meticulous work of research for the fight against cancer”.

For this third LNS participation, our team, present on site, runners and walkers at night, at dawn, in the afternoon, in the morning and in the evening, was able to take up the challenge we had set ourselves. Many thanks again to Adulai, Anke, Aurélie, Barbara, Caroline, Chiamaka, Christophe, Claude, Claudia, Elsa, Enzo, Frédérique, Friedrich, Estelle, Isabelle, Jessica, Joël, Julien, Junior Victor, Katia, Kim Alisson, Laurence, Liliana, Linda, Mac, Magalie, Mamadu, Marie-France, Marlice, Michel, Morgane, Mylène, Noémie, Paula, Paulo, Sylvie, Thomas L, Thomas W. and Vanda for being part of this wonderful solidarity adventure! Without you, our challenge of these 25 hours on the track of the Coque would not have been possible….

We are already looking forward to seeing you in 2020 for an even greater presence of the LNS at the 15th edition of the Relais pour la Vie!