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Thanks for this great message!

Thanks for this great message!
2020 03-27

At the start of the weekend, the LNS team has recieved a really nice message of encouragement from the hand of little artists coming from Esch-sur-Alzette, where the group of parents “Les petites pierres précieuses” continues to organize common activities at distance with their children. The topic recently discussed was values such as service to the community. And here is the impressive result in the form of drawings with the following message:

Our classes have been meeting virtually via ZOOM and yesterday during the class, kids came up with a service idea to draw and make thank you cards and pictures to all the staff working during this crisis and to thank them, like hospital staff, doctors, pharmacies, labs, grocery stores, cleaning services, etc. Here a few examples of the drawings.  Matteo made a drawing about the lab making the tests and he put a sign in his drawing saying LNS.”

Huge thanks for the really talented little artists, they are also real LNS COVID19 Fighters!

PS: The group picture was taken before the lockdown. 😉