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The LNS team at LëtzGoGold

The LNS team at LëtzGoGold
2019 10-02

Rain? WInd? Cold? Nothing could stop the LNS team from participating in the 2nd edition of the LëtzGoGold solidarity race organized by the Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner last Saturday in Kockelscheuer. The objective of the event was to raise funds for research to fight childhood cancer in Luxembourg. The amazing sum of 270,000,-€ was thus collected.

More than 700 runners and walkers took the start including the LNS team. Together with the support of the staff and the LNS friends, it was possible to raise the great amount of 2,303,- € to support the research.

The money raised will enable the Fondatioun to continue research on pesticide exposure and its link with childhood cancers and thus to pursue “the development of a new therapeutic combination in order to annihilate cancer cells of high-risk neuroblasts in a less toxic way”.

The LNS will again be part of the participating teams for the 3rd edition, September 26, 2020.