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Visit of the seniors of the City of Luxembourg

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Visit of the seniors of the City of Luxembourg
2019 02-11

As part of their “Sport and leisure” activities, the City of Luxembourg recently contacted the LNS to organise a guided tour of the pathological anatomy and food surveillance laboratories for the city’s seniors

After a few words of introduction about LNS and the traditional group photo, the visitors began their guided tour with Dr sc. Gilbert Moris, responsible of the food surveillance unit. After the theoretical explanations on the analyses and bacteria present in the food, the visit itself began. In turn, Dr sc. Gilbert Moris, Dr sc. Carole Dauberschmidt and Dr sc. Claude Schummer, technical managers, gave the necessary explanations to fully understand the functioning of the laboratory.

Afterwards, the visit continued with the pathological anatomy laboratory where Iolanda Fernandes, responsible of the laboratory, and Ziad Durakovic, medical secretary of the service, took over with their explanations. Thus, the group was able to discover in detail the path of a biopsy from its arrival at the LNS until the transferred result to the concerned persons, while passing through the important phase of the diagnosis of possible injuries by the LNS pathologists.

The visit led to captivating exchanges between the seniors and the passionate LNS laboratory staff, leading to many interesting questions… and answers! At the end of the visit, the group of senior citizens were very happy to have learnt a little more about the two laboratories.

Once again, a big thank you to the LNS specialists and their respective teams for the warm welcome and for sharing their knowledge with such professionalism and enthusiasm!