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Annual Report 2021: the LNS paved its way to sustainable scientific excellence in 2021

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  • Annual Report 2021: the LNS paved its way to sustainable scientific excellence in 2021
Annual Report 2021: the LNS paved its way to sustainable scientific excellence in 2021
2022 11-08

In 2021, the Laboratoire national de santé (LNS) became an evidence-based innovation health player. In order to better fulfil this new role as one of the essential pillars of the Luxembourg healthcare system, research activities were strengthened across all of our specialist domains. In addition, the LNS has continued with its digital transformation at a cross-functional level. The annual report, which has now been published exclusively in a digital format for the first time, outlines numerous innovative initiatives in exciting chapters.


Creating a state-of-the-art offering for patients and health partners

“As a healthcare laboratory operating according to international standards, we are a resilient backbone of the Luxembourg healthcare system,” says LNS Director Prof. Friedrich Mühlschlegel: “In doing so, we focus on complementary expertise, with a multidisciplinary team in which individual competencies are combined to create a state-of-the-art offering for patients and health partners. Nowadays, more and more, research and innovation are in the spotlight.”

In this context, 2021 was a decisive year in which numerous future-oriented initiatives were launched, Friedrich Mühlschlegel continues: “While in 2020 we showed, as LNS, that we can handle a crisis, in 2021, we created the basis for our ‘New Normal’. This New Normal does not copy the pre-COVID-19 situation, but rather complements it with the experience acquired since the pandemic outbreak.”


A year of forward-looking innovation

As a result, 2021 was a year of forward-looking innovation at the LNS. Friedrich Mühlschlegel: “Among others, we confirmed our international reputation in microbiology, expanded our clinical toxicology activities and intensified our involvement in medical education in Luxembourg. Moreover, our Food Monitoring service strengthened its efforts to serve the countries, and an investigation of a harmful new heroin preparation was successfully accomplished. Last but not least, 2021 was a transformative year with regard to Genetics in Luxembourg”.


Great emphasis on the human aspect

In 2021, the LNS has also continued to place great emphasis on the human aspect, which forms part of the organisation’s values-based identity – Together LNS. Prof. Dr Evelin Schröck, President of the Board of Directors, adds: “When we talk about health, we also talk about people. Not only is this true with regard to work results of the LNS, but also when it comes to our involvement in solidarity sport event such as Relais pour la Vie organized by Fondation Cancer or our participation to the Luxembourg Open Days offering the opportunity to the Luxembourg population to discover our labs and experts  – and of course also for our team’s daily work environment.”

Today, the LNS is a highly attractive diversified workplace for almost 400 people from 23 countries. Evelin Schröck: “Our experts combine individual competences to form a complementary overall offer for patients in Luxembourg and in the Greater Region. Internally, we live our values to turn our mission from purely functional “jobs” into a passionate challenge and provide an environment that fosters an open culture where every individual counts and innovation can thrive.”


Laboratory-wide focus on digitisation

Innovation, scientific excellence and the human aspect were key priorities in all departments and at all levels. This involved both expertise and technology – and hence very often the much-cited human/machine interface, which at the LNS is versatile and first-class, as Friedrich Mühlschlegel emphasises:  “As in the development of our Together LNS value system, we have opted for a structured and collaborative approach in our strategy, so we can lay a sustainable foundation for the LNS’s future as an innovative healthcare player with broad impact. As such, we have made targeted investments in cutting-edge technology, while adding further expertise to our international team. ”

Another – cross-departmental – focus was on digitisation, Friedrich Mühlschlegel continues: “Today, health services are largely supported by technology, and thus by IT. Our goal is to use technology in such a way that it helps our staff and partners, so that we can give better service to patients in Luxembourg.  In 2021, we made progress in this regard, and in line with this, we have also digitised our annual report.”


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