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Jessica Tapp – Laboratory technician with relevant specialisations

Jessica Tapp – Laboratory technician with relevant specialisations
2020 06-18

Tell us about your expertise and how you ended up fighting Covid-19.

I am a trained laboratory technician, specialised in molecular biology and whole genome sequencing. I joined the LNS five years ago, and I currently work in the Epidemiology and Microbial Genomics Service. As I am always open to new challenges, I also see the fight against Covid-19 as an opportunity to develop new skills and to do something concrete for the country and its people.

What is your role in the Covid-19 Fighter Team at LNS?

My task is to sequence the positive clinical Covid-19 tests. With this we aim to get an overview of the whole genome of the virus, so as to identify possible mutations for example. We would then like to publish the results in international expert forums.

Fighting is about hard work and determination. What hurdles have you had to face so far?

First and foremost, the supply of materials and equipment. We are already very much aware that the world as a whole, and with it the global economy, are currently at a standstill in many places. This naturally delays deliveries, which makes our work more difficult here and there.

What would you say has been the highlight of your fight against Covid-19 up to this point?

For me, implementing a new protocol for the previously unknown virus was definitely the highlight so far. I was very proud when we came to the first results and they were then internationally recognized. This was also for me a confirmation that I can contribute something essential to this fight.

What will you do once you beat Covid-19 and put an end to this fight?

Above all, go travelling again. All the more so given that all my planned trips for this year are on hold for the time being.