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Lecture of Prof. Dr. Abdellah Tebani at LNS

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  • Lecture of Prof. Dr. Abdellah Tebani at LNS
Lecture of Prof. Dr. Abdellah Tebani at LNS
2024 04-17

Prof. Dr. Abdellah Tebani from the Rouen University Hospital (France) honoured us with a visit on Tuesday March 5th, together with Prof. Carole Linster, who heads the Enzymology and Metabolism group at LCSB and where Prof. Tebani has been spending a research sabbatical.

After a meeting with Prof. Barbara Klink from the National Center of Genetics and Dr Patricia Borde, head of Medical Biology department, Prof. Tebani gave a lecture to the LNS staff entitled “Omics in Inherited Metabolic Diseases: From Targeted Profiling to Untargeted Approaches”, during which he gave an overview of modern diagnostic practices for rare inherited metabolic diseases and exiting insights into a new newborn screening program launched in Rouen.

Prof. Dr. Abdellah Tebani, Rouen University Hospital – France, is a seasoned expert in laboratory medicine and systems biology. He is a co-PI of a major newborn screening clinical trial in lysosomal diseases, and a co-founder of the International Pathways to Precision Medicine symposium. His work involves medical diagnostics, R&D, education, and mentoring.

We would like to thank him warmly for his visit and for his lecture, which raised a lot of interest.