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Pink October at CHL

Pink October at CHL
2021 10-01

On the occasion of Pink October, the Breast Group of the CHL Kriibszentrum proposes a programme of five thematic round tables (with the intervention of the LNS in the person of Dr Olfa Chouchane Mlik of the NCP) intended for women affected by breast cancer, health professionals, but also for all women who wish to learn about breast cancer screening and management.

Throughout the month, various topics will be presented on screening and management, from diagnosis to long-term post-treatment follow-up. A large place will also be given to the very personal testimonies of patients who have had breast cancer and to the partners who work alongside CHL patients and their families.

Dr Olfa Chouchane Mlik, head of the pathological anatomy service within the NCP at the LNS and a specialist in breast pathology and gynaecopathology, is one of the speakers on the subject of screening, diagnosis and announcement, topic that will be directly addressed during the first round table broadcast on Wednesday. Discover the webinar :

These round tables will be broadcast on the CHL’s Facebook page and website from Wednesday 06 October. Discover the full programme on the CHL website.